Friday, January 15, 2010

Tina and Connon Wedding at Castaways

I love New Years weddings - especially those at Castaways. Tina and Connon had travelled from Vancouver, Canada for their wedding held at Castaways. I knew they would be a fun couple after Tina had emailed me a fun shot of them - early in our correspondence.
There was much excitement and a bit of tension before the wedding as the rain swept across the ceremony location early in the afternoon- but it cleared perfectly in time for the wedding on the cliff top.
My favourite wedding shot - that would be :: well there are far too many.
However -I did get an "accidental"shot - which is hilarious - but can't be published here:) and involves a groomsman... He will need to wait to see that one!
The gorgeous peonie flowers were from Flowers by Katrina.
The celebration carried on well into the night and we had such a great time with super couple and their friends and family.
Looking foward to seeing you again sometime when you return to NZ - Thanks for letting us be the ones to share your day, it was such a pleasure to be your photographer.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love hot chocolate

One of those "things we do" is photograph at Castaways fairly regularly, being our "local" so to speak..
After the biggest part of our part of the wedding day is over (ceremony and photo shoot etc..) - we return to Castaways about 15 minutes or so before sunset. The Bride and Groom come out onto the cliff edge with us and we take sunset photos for about 20 minutes while the sun is going down. Sometimes (well mostly) the sunset is great - other times not so much - but it is always interesting and exciting to see what we get...and 99% of the time there is also wind!
While waiting for the bride and groom (after or between the speeches/dinner) I said in passing to Marcel how I loved hot chocolate... And three minutes later - Voila - a lovely hot chocolate - arrived for me - very yummy and moreish.. Thanks Marcel.!! ... At that time of night the last thing I need is coffee - so hot chocolate filled the gap very nicely, thankyou.
Rumour has it that Marcel will also be Head Boy at Waiuku College this year...Congratulations Marcel - I hope you will still have time to work out at Castaways.
Marcel does have a nice smile, but I managed to catch him totally unawares... You are now on the blog Marcel - you will be in hot demand for more of those hot chocolates I imagine...
See you again :)
Thanks once again so much to Steve and the team - who make our task so much easier and provide awesome service to everyone.
One day we should write a book - -there would be some stories to tell:) based somewhere totally fictious ... of course