Saturday, November 22, 2008

Angela and Andrew

It must have been the windiest wedding ever at Castaways! The day was very sunny but with a slight chill in the air. The surf was rolling in and very choppy and up on the clifftop overlooking the beach, the guests huddled behind the flax hoping to shelter from some of the blusterly gusts. Angela - "blew in " down to the ceremony - with her parents, as Andrew watched with a great smile and anticipation - and the wedding went ahead as planned overlooking the beach. Clare and Virgina wore lovely aqua gowns and there was an aqua theme throughout the wedding. Steve (he is the BEST) from Castaways was on hand to offer the flowers girls Jade and Sophie, some shelter from the gusts, with some large white tablecloths... Nothing quite like multi-tasking items - and they were perfect - thanks Steve!

The wind was so strong at times - even my tripod could not hold my camera steady - and that was a first... Mr Manfroto (a.k.a. the tripod) needed a bit of assistance from Mike (my husband and second shooter) to shelter the main blasts coming in from the west.

Marie Hawkins, the celebrant performed a great ceremony, not too long, not too short and it wasn't long before Angela and Andrew were husband and wife. The wedding party photo shoot was held down at Karioitahi beach and the new husband and wife were blissfully oblivious to the cold.

It was a great wedding reception also - with David Seel - DJ in charge and professional and awesome as always :) The beautiful flowers were by David's talented wife Susan.

Makeup was by Candice Turner, a very talented young lady :) - and the very cool aqua themed wedding cake by Chocolate Earth. Angela and Andrew - our congratulations and best wishes to a wonderful couple ! All the very best :)