Friday, October 30, 2009


Floyd - what a lovely little fella - the youngest of three boys (Floyd was thought to be a girl until his arrival!). I had a blast at the photo session, Floyd was great, with gorgeous eyelashes and blue eyes - mostly wakeful as he was nearly 2 months old:). His older brothers played "assistants" for me at times, drew me pictures and were a great helping, carrying in the gear and props!
It was a very cool day, had fun and a beautiful drive to Pukekawa - high up on the hill overlooking the Waikato river.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us and New look Website

A busy week and weekend, between house sitting (or rather Max sitting) while Ash was holidaying at the Fafa' resort in Tonga with Chris, I was catching up on processing, driving to photo sessions, lugging heavy gear, shooting , driving again, shooting again .. (Gee, I feel tired just thinking about it).

Then more processing, backing up files and much uploading of resized images to our new look website which has now gone live.
For those of you who will have a look (I know, I just tend to go to the blog too :) ) - it will take a wee while to load the first time - due to the number of larger images, but don't those images look so much better now on the big screen.

There is the option to go full screen the website - by clicking the little icon at the lower right hand side - it's an oblong with a square in it.
The client galleries now have a direct link in there too - which is good as it shows a thumbnail and not just a name on the page. I have also kept a link to some of the older galleries, with wedding photos taken at a few different wedding venues.
Nothing quite like copy and paste... plus a bit of html tweaking here and there...
A celebration also - as it is 10 years since the start of our company and photography business.

Glad to be home after a week of the "Vista" laptop... but I will miss that large flat screen TV and recording and watching MySky... and of course now I am back to sharing the remote...(well almost)..
Being back home in the old bungalow, where our large country garden, which is quite stunning at the moment, is rather nice too - as she is "peaking" :) That is where I like to be - - when I am not here....