Saturday, January 12, 2008

Zenobie and Jonas ~ Raglan

Zenobie returned to Raglan from Switzerland with her husband Jonas - to celebrate with family and friends and have their wedding nuptials.
We had a great photo shoot at Raglan :)- Gorgeous girls and fun guys! and here are a few images.
It was our very first visit to Raglan (a two hour drive from home) and we loved it - living on the same coast - and with Mount Karioi nearby (Karioi is unique in being the only snow free mountain on the New Zealand west coast with native bush in three distinct phases from sea level to mountain top) - it kind of reminded us of home -and our local beach Karioitahi. Gallery link to more images here :

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kate and Jason - Castaways

Kate and Jason were married at Castaways on New Years Eve. Family and friends witnessed the event, in the very,very hot sunshine - on the clifftop overlooking Karioitahi Beach. Thank goodness for the sun umbrellas... A fun time was had on the beach for the photo shoot after we all piled into a four wheel drive and headed south -about 1 kilometre along the black iron sand. Amazingly we fitted everything in - with not quite the kitchen sink - but almost:) Gavin (such an awesome help rounding up the family for the photos - thank you so much :) and Becs you were fun! Kate and Jason it was so nice at your lovely wedding - you- were gorgeous, easy to photograph and made our job a pleasure. The beautiful flowers, totally different from anything I had seen before, were from Scent in Pukekohe. The tiny red and blue striped live fish, swimming amongest the flowers on the tables at the reception were great - not sure of what the live head count was the next day though ! Gallery link to more images here:)
The sunset was stunning that evening and we managed a number of great shots including some from their first dance as husband and wife. Loved the song you chose for your first dance ~ ! :) Congratulations!!